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Monday, April 11, 2011

Mayor Calvin Tillman, Dish TX and Tim Ruggiero will be presenting “Fracturing Our Future?” in DuBois, PA on April 30th 7pm in the Hiller Auditorium of

> Tim Ruggiero - was born and raised in a small town outside Pittsburgh, PA and has spent most of his adult life in Texas. Tim and his wife Christine operate a small horse ranch in Decatur,TX. Tim and Christine have been at the forefront of natural gas development since Sept 16, 2009, when Aruba Petroleum, without notice and without a permit, tore out 100 feet of their $15K fence to begin bulldozing their property. Following countless leaks, spills and ongoing emissions, Tim and Christine's property has been reduced from more than $300K to just $78K. Tim and Christine have appeared on CBS' '60 Minutes' this past Fall, and have been featured in the NY Times,
> Pittsburgh Post Gazette and numerous other newspapers and TV, including French, Canadian and German news reports. Following a tour of the Marcellus Tour in April of 2010, Tim, along with DISH Mayor Calvin Tillman, formed ShaleTest, a new non-profit
> organization to help lower income families test their air and drinking water.

> Calvin Tillman is the mayor of the small town DISH, Texas. Elected as mayor of DISH in May 2007, he is currently serving in his second term as mayor, after serving a two year
> term as town commissioner of DISH. Due to DISH being the crossroads of many natural gas pipelines, the mayor was active in pursuing state legislation regarding the routing of natural gas pipelines as well as the powers that the pipeline companies have been
> given. A resolution was passed by the town of DISH regarding this subject and was passed by forty other towns with well over a million people represented. DISH, which has the smallest budget of any town in North Texas, commissioned an independent
> air quality study near a large natural gas compression station. This testing was among the first of its kind. The town of DISH is leading the cause for responsible drilling and
> pipelines in North Texas. Mayor Tillman serves on workgroups with the members of the state legislators, regarding regulation of the natural gas industry, as is active with the Texas Oil and Gas Accountability Project. He has traveled around the United States speaking on responsible drilling. Mayor Tillman was recognized for his contribution by the Texas Progressive Alliance with the Gold Star Texan award for 2009. He has degrees from the Community College of the Air Force, and Concordia University of Texas, as well as being licensed aircraft mechanic and pilot. He is married to his wife Tiffiney for eleven years and has two sons, ages four and seven.