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Monday, April 11, 2011

Former Mayor of Dish, TX to Speak at Lycoming Co. Fire Hall

Calvin Tillman, former mayor of Dish, Texas, knows all about the risks that drilling and transporting natural gas can pose to human health and safety. In order to protect his family’s health, Calvin has given up both his position and his home and has moved off the Texas Barnett Shale. These days, Calvin spends his time helping others to cope with the onslaught of problems and challenges that gas drilling brings. Calvin has founded a non-profit organization known as Shale Test ( to help those impacted by drilling to get the water, air, and soil tests they need but cannot afford.

Calvin Tillman is coming to Lycoming County. Tillman will speak at the Hughesville Fire Hall, corner of Railroad and Water Streets, at 7 pm on Tuesday, April 26th. If you’re concerned about the water you’re drinking, the air you’re breathing, and the soil in your garden, plan to attend the “Fracturing Our Future?” event on April 26th. Sponsored by RDA, admission is free and open to all. Please help us spread the word.