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Friday, February 12, 2016

Living On Top Of Forgotten Oil And Gas Wells

By: Stephanie Joyce, Wyoming Public Radio | February 9, 2016

It came as news to Jeff Parsek that state records show there is an abandoned oil and gas well in his driveway. Parsek lives in a large, brown ranch house, right across the street from an elementary school, in a subdivision on the south side of Fort Collins, Colorado. It’s a nice neighborhood, with the new feeling of many Colorado suburbs.
When Parsek bought the house in 2004, he didn’t ask about oil and gas wells on the property.
“I wouldn’t have even thought to research that,” he said. Other homeowners I met in my search for abandoned wells responded with curses and slammed doors—one yelled, “thanks for ruining my afternoon!” When I told Parsek about the well, he just shrugged. Read more...