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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Lawmaker Introduces Bill To Ban Fracking In Florida, Citing Health And Environmental Concerns

One Florida state representative introduced a bill this week that would ban fracking in his state, an act that comes on the heels of similar legislation introduced by two of his colleagues in the state Senate.
Florida Rep. Evan Jenne (D) filed a bill Monday that outlines the potential problems associated with fracking in Florida, including use of chemicals which, according to the bill, “may pose a widespread and significant risk to public health and safety and the environment.” The bill also cites fracking’s contribution to climate change as a reason to prohibit the practice in Florida: wells have been found to leak methane at such rates that some scientists say any climate benefit from burning low-carbon natural gas is nearly eliminated by the methane that escapes into the air during the fracking process.
The bill also noted fracking’s need for large amounts of water, saying that it made the practice irresponsible “at a time when many Florida municipalities are struggling with the impacts that water scarcity may have in the state in the near future.” Banning fracking, the bill states, will “protect the public health and welfare” of Florida. Read more