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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Hilcorp Frack-Gas Stampede to the Utica is Ready to Trample Right Over You: Forced Integration in Lawrence County, PA

Imagine getting this letter one day from Steve Fisackerly, Senior Landman, Hilcorp Energy Company, Houston, Texas:
Dear Landowner, 
As a Hilcorp Energy leaseholder we wanted to take this opportunity to inform you of some additional steps we are taking in our commitment to develop the Utica Shale formation in your area. Enclosed you will find Hillcorp's request to the Pennsylvania Environmental Hearing Board to establish two well spacing units, at least one of which would either include your land or be adjacent to the existing unit in which your land is located. This order would ensure that Hillcorp can fully and efficiently realize the potential of the Utica Shale formation for its leaseholders with the least amount of impact to the surface.
Now imagine doing a little research in the interest of translating this missive and coming upon Hilcorp's application to frack the Pulaski Accumulation--that sits directly under the house you inherited from your mom whose family has owned that property, say 20 acres, for, say, 100 years. Imagine you have loved that land, its forests, its pond, its critters. Imagine you grew up looking out onto the sunset from the back porch of that house, and that you've put both your money and your sweat equity into adding on an extra room, a shed for your tools, and a really cool wood swing set for your own kids....Continue reading: