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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Physicians Scientists & Engineers for Healthy Energy

Science Summaries

PSE Science Summaries offer downloadable and printable summaries of the current state of knowledge for a variety of energy and environment issues, including climate change, air and water impacts, human health, and sustainability. All pamphlets are available free-of-charge.

Methane Emissions from Modern Gas Development

PSE Pamphlet_Methane.PNGFebruary 2013


Methane is the second largest contributor to human-caused global warming after carbon dioxide. Natural gas systems are the single largest source of anthropogenic methane emissions in the U.S., representing almost 40% of total emissions (EPA 2011 data).

The past few years have seen major changes both in our understanding of the importance of methane as a driver of global climate change and in the importance of natural gas systems as a source of atmospheric methane. Here, we summarize the current state of knowledge.

Pamphlet is sized to print on legal-size paper. Click on Title or graphic to download.

Physicians Scientists & Engineers for Healthy Energy