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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

'Reality Tour' shows effects of drilling - News - Citizens Voice

GRANVILLE TWP. - Sherry Vargson lit a match and waved it beside the running faucet.

With a whooshing sound, the water burst into flame, filling the farmhouse kitchen with a smell like gas-powered Bunsen burners in a high school laboratory.

"The methane randomly travels with the water, and sometimes it will light quite spectacularly," Vargson said.

Gas Drilling Awareness Coalition members Scott Cannon, Paula Chaiken, Norm Tomchak and Kim Jacobs took municipal officials, candidates for office and curious residents on a Marcellus Shale Reality Tour of Bradford County on Sunday to see some behind-the-scenes aspects of natural gas drilling, from hillsides slashed for pipeline routes to farms with water neither humans nor animals can drink.

"It was a great way to see one side of a very important story in this area," said Wilkes-Barre attorney Bill Vinsko, who plans to run for Congress in the 11th District. "Gas drilling is now part of Northeast Pennsylvania, and I'm happy to be able to meet people who are affected positively and negatively by these issues."

The first stop was in Sugar Run, at Dave Buck's Endless Mountains Outfitters, which specializes in kayaks and other outdoor equipment.

'Reality Tour' shows effects of drilling - News - Citizens Voice