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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Moon Township's Marcellus Shale Coalition: Poisoning The Water In Pavillion, Wyoming--Frackin...

Moon Township's Marcellus Shale Coalition: Poisoning The Water In Pavillion, Wyoming--Frackin...: " (If you folks here in Pennsylvania don't believe that this story cannot happen in your own backyard, you are wrong!!! PA Governor

Tom Corbett has done virtually nothing to make the Marcellus Shale industry accountable, transparent, and honest. These drillers and Frackers have been destroying communities here, and elsewhere. Who pays? But the citizens. Not the industry, which is stealing it from the landowner, and the taxpayers.)

Here is the story---------------Poisoning the Wells

Fracking the Wind River Country

By ANDREA PEACOCK Pavillion, Wyoming. From

Jeff and Rhonda Locker’s water changed abruptly one day in the mid-1990s while Rhonda was doing the laundry. A Denver-based gas company was working over an old well in back of their house, when the wash water turned black. “It happened just like that,” Jeff Locker says. “I stopped him and asked him what he did to our water, and of course he didn’t do anything to our water… It’s been bad ever since.”
Donna Meeks’ well water was so good, she used to haul it to town for the school office coffee pot. Neither she nor her husband Louis noticed anything wrong until her co-workers stopped drinking the coffee; it was 2004, and a Canadian company, EnCana, had just drilled a new well about 500 feet from the Meeks home. Some visiting friends later said they noticed the water tasted and smelled like gas, but didn’t want to be rude by saying anything about it.
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