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Friday, April 22, 2011

Anti-L.N.G. group reinstated at Earth Day Fair

A group that was denied a booth at the earth day and energy fair is celebrating tonight. Their spot in the event has been reinstated. Their booth was to protest a proposed L.N.G. pipeline that would run through Douglas County Organizers say it was because the issue was too political for the family event.

The group says they've attended the fair in the past and they don't know what changed this time around. They say their cause is not as political as seems. M.A. Hansen who runs the booth each year says “L.N.G. is known for being non-political because we've got land owners from every political party working together."

The group protested outside the courthouse yesterday. Later County Commissioner Doug Robertson met with them. He says the decision was most likely made to keep the event family friendly. He says “The people in charge of the fair didn't see this rather contentious, potentially political issue as one that fit the venue of a family, earth day, recycling kind of event."

The group says its booth has always been open towards families. It has games and puzzles for kids and pipeline information for adults. After some discussion and debate, the decision was reversed. Commissioners say it all boils down to "free speech". They say if they want to have a booth about the pipeline there's no legal reason to stop them.

The Earth Day and Energy Fair will be this Saturday at the Douglas County Fairgrounds. It’s a free event.
Anti-L.N.G. group reinstated at Earth Day Fair