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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sartwell Creek

We took a ride to Sartwell Creek Road today and here's an update. The runoff by the alpaca farm that had been bubbly and rainbow looking,looked normal today.
We stopped along the side of Sartwell Creek Road near most of the little tributarys that feed into Sartwell Creek and they all looked good.
We also passed by the Sartwell Creek pipeline site today.The ditch that had been diverting runoff from the site was gone.It has been filled in.
The site did not have the excessive ugliness pouring off of it that had been flowing into Sartwell Creek the way it was last month.
We turned onto Weimer Hollow Road and we passed the ugly impound with snow, it's liner and fence falling into it on the hillside.It's still there after all this time,all frumpy looking as usual.

We were attempting to get to the Fisk Hollow well site in State Game Lands 59.
We followed Weimer Hollow Road and continued up the mountain.
Weimer Hollow road is nicely plowed and in pretty good condition. Weimer Hollow is in better condition then some of our local roads. The drive is smooth all the way to the top of the mountain.
At the top there is a clearing to park and walk or turn your car around.

By the way, Thanks to the gas industry for the new parking spaces.The trees were nice but in the spring the new parking spaces will come in handy when we hike in State Game Land 59.
Today they were being used to park excavating equipment.

From the top of Weimer Hollow Road (to the right) going toward the Fisk Hollow well site the road is plowed but it is very narrow with snow on both sides. There are long stretches with no space to pull over or off to the side and no space to turn around. We backed out and we'll try again when the snow melts.
If anyone is interested in hiking to the Fisk Hollow Site in State Game Land 59 in the early spring,let us know!
Everyone is welcome to join us for an early spring State Game Land 59 Hike.