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Friday, March 11, 2011

It's Time for a Ban on Fracking

If you're following the fracking debate closely, it's been a rather busy few weeks chock full of media coverage. Today, Pro Publica published an interview with Benjamin Grumbles, former EPA assistant administrator for water during the Bush years, who suggests that Congress should revisit the exemption of fracking from the Clean Water Act. That's big news considering the EPA initially declared that fracking did not pose a threat to our drinking water. It's especially big news for those of us who support an outright ban on fracking, which we are calling for this week.

Fracking threatens our water -- water we use for drinking, farming and bathing -- and the speed with which the industry is developing drilling sites while federal and local governments slowly figure out what to do is disconcerting. The interview with Grumbles reveals much about the rocky road that has brought us to this point.Read More