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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Frack water means revenue

If Ridgway Borough stops treating brine water, customers could see an increase of about $15 per month in their water bills, environmental Manager Paul McCurdy said Monday.
As citizens discussed their views on the borough's brine treatment activity, one woman said she'd rather the borough stop treating the brine and she'd pay the difference on her water bill.
Figures have been run to estimate the impact on water users if brine treatment is cut from the borough's revenue stream.
McCurdy said in a post-meeting interview the $15 per month figure is his best approximation if the operating costs were to be evenly distributed across the borough's water users. He said that doesn't even begin to take into consideration how the fees would fall if some customers could harness the increase.
Treating brine and selling water for gas well operations is a sizable part of the Ridgway water treatment plant's operating budget Read More