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Monday, February 21, 2011

The public is invited to the Sullivan County Energy Task Force February 28th Meeting:

Mr. Eric Roof from the Susquehanna River Basin Commission (SRBC) will be speaking at the Sullivan County Courthouse, Laporte, on February 28, 9 AM. The SRBC regulates the withdrawals of surface and ground water for various usages, particularly the Marcellus gas industry.
Mr Roof will be available to answer questions regarding water withdrawal from surface and ground supply for the Marcellus drilling in Sullivan county.

The monitoring network provides constant data collection with instruments sensitive enough to detect subtle changes in water quality on a frequency that will allow background conditions and any changes to them to be documented throughout the year. The following 5 water quality parameters are being measured at each station:

* Temperature
* pH – the measure of acidity or alkalinity, with normal ranges between 6 and 9
* Conductance – the ability of the water to conduct electricity, which typically reflects the amount of dissolved solids or chlorides in the water
* Dissolved oxygen – amount of oxygen in the water available to aquatic life, with levels best above 4-5 mg/L
* Turbidity – water clarity, or the amount of particulate matter in the water column