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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Brine pit liner in high quality trout stream?

Sunday, while on my way out to Stickney, I spotted something in the upper branches of Willow Creek. So I doubled back and checked it out.

It seems to be a very large, thick black plastic tarp, the kind used by the oil and gas drillers for lining Brine Pits.

I'm calling it a brine pit liner .... balled up, not only in a high quality trout stream, but in a trout protection area! A "fish refuge" if you will, that is set aside for native trout to breed in undisturbed.

A bad place for litter, especially a brine pit liner! I have seen "oil business" trucks on this bridge before, but I assumed they were just sucking water out (an illegal activity also), but *somehow* this large, thick black piece of plastic ended up in the creek! Click on the link to view photos and read more